What to Expect from Fashion and Sustainability in 2019  

What to Expect from Fashion and Sustainability in 2019  

This week, Stacey Dooley investigated Fashion’s Dirty Secrets on the BBC and created a clear case: more action is needed when it comes to cleaning up the fashion industry. Specifically, Stacey showed us that when it comes to fashion and sustainability, we need to take a no holds barred approach. We need to change the rules of the game, if we are to truly shake up an entrenched fashion industry. Quite simply: we need to walk the non-trodden paths to go from margins to mainstream.

But how? What would these changes look like?  Who are the frontiers striving for new ways? What are the new opportunities? Who is striving for new design processes and campaigns?

At Compare Ethics, we are dedicated to backing brands at the forefront of this revolution. We love working with organisations who are changing the game around what sustainable fashion means. We are dedicated to nothing short of a systemic revolution!

To explore these ideas in more detail, on the 1st November we are convening industry leaders under one roof to discuss how we can shape a vision for ethical fashion in 2019. Come join us to help realise our shared ethical fashion potential!

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit of 2019 saw some interesting discussions with the main take away being collaboration is key to a sustainable future!


A few brand stars on the night include: global leaders in fighting plastic, leading ethical publications and fashion brands who are demanding better! So, who can we expect?

S’well Bottle –  are global leaders in reusable water bottles. Headquartered in the USA, as of 2016, it is a $100 million company with a fabulous self-made founder Sarah Kauss.














This company not only fights plastic daily with their quality bottles, they are also deeply committed to sustainable business practice through regular charity partnerships.

Next up is the U.K’s leading online publication for all things ethical – Pebble Magazine. Since starting out on the ethical journey a couple of years ago, this inspiring publication has gone from strength to strength. Today, it is the go to for ethical news and regularly shares the latest updates. It also hosts fabulous Pebble City Guides, so you can check out the latest ethical hot spots.

Moving onto the fashion world, we can start with the lovely Gung Ho. This fashion forward brand was born out of an ambition to push boundaries in sustainable fashion. Every collection is not just handmade locally using sustainable fabrics, but also centres on an environmental issue.

The latest collection demonstrates the stark reality of plastic in our oceans. Each piece creates a talking point to uncover the issues.















Here is the fabulous Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker wearing Gung Ho’s latest collection. 

Next up is WYNAD – they truly are best practice when it comes to knowing Who Made My Clothes. This brand is on a mission to create gender quality through sustainable fashion. They achieve this by working with local groups in rural India. Directly supporting women empowerment projects with 10% of every sale.

To back it up, they create video diaries of their supplier process. So you can see just how they made the decisions to work with the best quality teams.

Last but by no means least, is Ruby Moon. They are a long-standing example of social enterprise best practice. At every touch point, they consider their impact on the world. All pieces are made from recycled fishing nets and 100% net profit supports women entrepreneurs in across 13 countries. Oh yeah, they’re also a vegan clothing brand too!

The final organisation for our line up is ALICAS ! They will join us on the panel to share insights on how we can use wasted retail stock to support domestic violence survivors. Creating both environmental and social value when we need it most!

Our host and Chair for the evening will be our very own Compare Ethics CEO – Abbie Morris. Born out of a desire to make it easy to shop well, Compare Ethics connects consumers to ethical brands via online and offline experiences. Our flagship product is the Compare Ethics comparison website that enables you to compare style, price and ethics of your fashion purchases. Giving you both choice and confidence from one platform.

Demand Better

An old African proverb states: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

This could not be more true for what we are aiming to acheive. To take ethical fashion from margins to mainstream, we must come together to create a clear path for 2019 and beyond.

Come join us on the 1st November (in London) to explore how we can change the fashion game and mainstream ethical fashion.

Limited early bird tickets can be found here. 50% of all ticket proceeds go to the important work of Alicas. So you can help them gift boxes of surplus clothes to individuals in crisis this Christmas!

Compare Ethics makes it easy to find verified sustainable fashion brands.


Written by Abbie