Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks From The Experts

Sustainable Lifestyle Hacks From The Experts

We looked to our community of experts for the best sustainable lifestyle hacks to help make lockdown easier. From foodie tips and wellbeing advice to zero waste lifestyle hacks and things to read, make and do, these are our favourite ways to live happier while at home.

Sustainable community ideas

Schedule video calls with friends and family. We are stronger together! Thanks to the internet and technology we have so many tools to bring our loved ones into our living rooms. It might be through a screen but it can still brighten up your day. – The team at SABINNA

Join an online book club. Reading a good book is the perfect way to calm the mind, distract yourself and reset. Studies show that reading for an hour a day decreases anxiety levels and improves cognitive function. Why not start with some of our recommendations? – Team Compare Ethics

Digital drinks. This is something the SABINNA team has been doing for the past couple of weeks. Every Friday evening we meet digitally to enjoy a drink together and talk about our week. – The team at SABINNA

Gamify your sustainable habits so your entire household can join in. Whether you’re baking bread, upcycling clothes or building a fort out of cardboard boxes, get everybody involved. – Team Compare Ethics

Health and wellbeing hacks

Go green. If you can’t get outside, bring the outside in. Whether it’s ordering flowers from a local florist to help support them, potting plants or seeds in tins outside on a windy ledge or spending time in your garden. Try the ‘Picture This’ app on your daily walk to identity new flowers and plants you like the look of. Just take a minute to reconnect with the green life around you. It feels good’. – The team at Pala Eyewear

Working out at home: even if you’re not into sports, a nice dance cardio session or 30 minutes of yoga can make all the difference. Our current favourites on Instagram are @grl.gym @psyclelondon @pamela_rf. – The team at SABINNA

Make face masks and hair masks to supercharge your skin and tresses with natural enriching ingredients. Mix honey and oats with water or opt for a mix of creamy avocado and coconut oil. – Team Compare Ethics

Listen to podcasts. Especially the ones that cheer you up and make you laugh. Our favourites are Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, The Good News Podcast and The Guilty Feminist. – The team at SABINNA

Find calm amongst the chaos with home yoga and breath work practice. Our friend Ellie, Founder at Nitara London, has created an easy-to-follow guide with worksheets, instructions, videos and support that you can download for free here.

Meditate and take the time to be mindful. These uncertain times can be very stressful for the body and the mind. Give yourself a break and meditate. We love Headspace and Daria Daria’s guided 14-day meditation class on Spotify. – The team at SABINNA

Sustainable foodie tips

Cook or bake something delicious. If you have more time on your hands, why not use it to treat yourself to a nice self made meal? Our favourites sources of Instagram inspiration are @maxlamanna @deliciouslyella @chez.ta.ta @avantgardevegan. – The team at SABINNA

Batch cook to save time, cut down on fresh food wasteland have enough to go around. Or freeze it for later if you don’t fancy eating the same thing a few days in a row. Find a few of our favourite recipes here. – Team CE

Use the self-scanner when shopping and choose more fruit and vegetables without plastic packaging. The planet is going to love you for it – and you get to pick all the best produce yourself. – The team at Vildnis

Grow fresh herbs at home and if you’re feeling ambitious, try planting a vegetable garden. Some veggies are super easy to cultivate if you have a patch of ground, raised bed, large planters or a grow bag. Or get started with rosemary, tomatoes and chilli plants on your windowsill. – Team Compare Ethics

Be more creative in the kitchen and find ways of using food that would normally get thrown out. This way you prevent food waste and ensure that every food resource is being put to good use. Plus, it’s cheaper too! – The team at Vildnis

Sustainable lifestyle hacks

Opt for reusable cleansing pads and cloths to minimise waste, save money and reduce time standing in line at the shops. – Team Compare Ethics

Go paperless. Reduce your recycling output to help key council workers by cancelling paper statements and newsletters and going digital. – Team Compare Ethics

Wear each item of clothing one more time than you normally would (unless it smells or has stains). If it needs to be freshened up a bit, hanging it outside or near an open window will do the trick. This way you save lots of water, energy and detergents. Not to mention all the time you normally spend on doing the laundry. – The team at Vildnis

Read positive news. This list by Ulla, Founder of fair fashion brand Vildnis is great. We recommend the Hashtag Authentic newsletter, The Big Issue, stories by Positive News, Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon, the SABINNA newsletter, Brain Pickings, The School of Life and of course, our Friday newsletter – packed with good news and stories to distract and delight.

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Written by Emily Lavinia