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Comfortable Organic Clothing: brands you need to know about

Comfortable Organic Clothing: brands you need to know about

Organic – that’s good right? Better than your average? That’s what we assume when we shop for fruit and vegetables, beauty products and fancy outfits or ethical footwear. But what about comfortable organic clothing? Specifically loungewear and basics. Why does organic make a difference in that department? 

Is organic clothing more comfortable? 

Organic clothing is made using natural fibres from sources where pesticides and poisonous chemicals haven’t been used. Natural fertilisers and controlled biological and low-impact processes are also often used to save water, refine fabrics and finish garments. 

Some examples of natural fibres include hemp, linen, bamboo and cotton. Investing in an organic tee or a set of underwear means the clothing will be breathable, hypoallergenic and will soften each time it’s washed. It will also be free from the plastic microfibres that make their way into water sources after each wash. 

Comfortable ethical clothes

Why is organic clothing better? 

Investing in organic cotton is a no brainer. Conventional cotton farming uses pesticides, herbicides and insecticides to grow large yields. Organic farming avoids soil pollution and uses traditional agricultural practices like crop rotation to increase biodiversity.

Organic clothing is generally more sustainable as many farmers use rain-focused watering methods instead of irrigation systems, water usage is reduced by 71%.

Brands that use organic materials tend to use dyes that are vegetable or water based. This ensures poisonous chemicals don’t make their way into the production process further down the line.

Organic clothing is better for the planet as it is more likely to biodegrade. As long as no chemicals have been added later in production, organic clothes can biodegrade.

So there are a few benefits to investing in comfy organic clothes. But there are also a few other things to know. An organic fabric needn’t be made up of 100% organic fibres to be classed as organic. Many brands use organic blends. So if you’re looking for 100% rather than a modal cotton-blend, often described as ‘jersey’, always check the care label.

Some argue that organic can’t be much better than synthetic or non organic fashion, suggesting anything produced en mass isn’t great for biodiversity and the environment. As a consumer, you can take this into consideration when shopping for comfy organic clothing and opt to shop from independent brands. We’ve compiled a list of the best to get you started…

comfortable organic clothing

The best comfortable organic clothing brands

Swedish Eco 

Super-soft organic cotton basics – look no further than Swedish Eco. Adopting a classic sporty style and swapping low-quality fabrics and skin-damaging synthetics for organic cotton that softens with every wash, this Swedish brand is your go-to for sports bras, boxers, soft underwear and loungewear essentials.


Sustainable yoga gear with design flair, Nitara is the creation of yoga teacher and designer Ellie Foder. Smooth, flattering and fitted, each piece is ideal for mixing and matching – whether you’re perfecting your headstand or chilling on the couch.

Origin Africa 

Slubby sweats and graphic tees for at-home lounging, Origin Africa is one of our cosiest ethical brand picks. Simple lines, cool graphics and neutral tones with the occasional pop of neon, plus his and hers tracksuits made from soft organic materials, this brand is a must-have for duvet days and nights in.

Gung Ho 

London based Gung Ho specialise in adjustable one-size pieces in statement prints, stand-out sweatshirts and wrap dresses. Work from home wardrobe sorted. Made from innovative fabrics like silky smooth Tencel – derived from eucalyptus pulp – Gung Ho’s latest collection aims to offer the option of offsetting the carbon generated by each garment at the checkout. Amazing. 


WAWWA is where streetwear meets ethical fashion. This slick, pared-back brand focuses on sharing organic vegan clothing with stylish, design-focused shoppers. You’ll find soft tees, basics, streetwear staples like sweats and socks and accessories like organic cotton face masks.

Goose Studios

Goose Studios produce unisex organic clothing in the UK. They make sustainable fashion that doesn’t cost break your bank or the planet. Making laid back and easy going styles – throw on and smile wearing. GOTs certified Organic clothing right out of London.

People Tree

People Tree have been making ethical clothing for 26 years! That’s what you call commitment. They specialise in fair trade and sustainable clothing – including organic clothing. Making relaxed pieces with an edge you can wear daily.

Organic Basics

This Danish brand saw the waste being produced from poor quality throwaway underwear and said, ‘enough is enough’. Creating a line focused on comfy essentials – underwear and basics – the label began producing the softest most breathable products on the ethical market. Using organic cotton as the base, the brand also uses silver to keep bacteria at bay. Innovative, right?


Komodo is another big name in ethical fashion. They’ve been in the game for over 30 years creating organic and eco clothing. Over this time they have been perfecting their range of comfort and style using natural fibres. They have a great selection of affordable organic clothing with contemporary and timeless styles. Komodo is also GOTS certified. So you know they walk the walk.

Birdsong London

BirdSong makes fabulous natural clothing. Using fabrics from organic cotton and bamboo to reclaimed fabrics, the brand’s primary focus is on empowering the wearer, the worker and the community. We love the super-soft slogan tees and floaty dresses – as seen on the likes of actor and comedian Aisling Bea. Not to mention the efforts from the brand to channel tens of thousands in donations for female-focused organisations.



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