13 Super Comfortable Organic Clothing Brands To Buy In 2019

13 Super Comfortable Organic Clothing Brands To Buy In 2019

Have you ever worn a cloud that you wrapped around yourself, making you float up into the sky? No. Me neither. But that’s not so far off what it feels like to wear organic clothing. (Slight exaggeration).

But what does organic clothing even mean? Short answer, organic clothing is clothing that’s made from natural fibers. But also, this natural clothing is made using organic farming methods. So instead of using pesticides or chemicals, they use natural fertilisers (good old animal manure) and biological controls.

Some of these natural fibers are Bamboo, hemp, and cotton. With designers and brands venturing into other materials like modal. Some of you may know this already, but an organic fabric doesn’t need to be 100% organic to be classed as organic. Many brands use organic blends. So if you’re looking for 100%, look out for this in product details.

How is organic clothing made?

Organic clothing is made using low impact organic farming methods. That means no synthetic chemicals, metals or GMOs. Instead, they use soil fertility practices that meet organic certification standards like using animal manure and crop rotations.

Conventional cotton farming uses Chemicals such as pesticide, herbicides and insecticides to grow large yields. But not Organic farming. They keep those at bay. Resulting in the reduction of water and soil pollution.

Organic farmers also use traditional agricultural practices like crop rotation. This involves changing the crop being grown in a field to increase biodiversity. Rotations are effective in breaking cycles of plant disease, stopping many insect pests and are extremely important for keeping the fertility of the soil.

Brands that use organic materials also tend to use dyes that are vegetable or water based. This ensures that chemicals don’t sneak into the production process further down the line.

I must add, some people say organic clothing isn’t much better. The argument is that anything produced in mass production isn’t great for biodiversity and the environment. This needs to be taken into consideration as we start to use more organic materials in fashion.

Why should you buy Organic clothing?

Well, organic clothing is better because it is more sustainable. Many organic farmers use rain fed watering methods. And without irrigation systems, water usage is reduced by 71%!

There are many challenges in growing organic crops. Because of this, farmers produce smaller yields compared to conventional cotton. So organic clothing can be slightly more expensive. However, it’s definitely worth it because of a little known secret:

Organic clothing provides some love for your skin.

Production of standard cotton uses harmful chemicals that can be corrosive to the skin. Although the clothes go through intense washing processes, many particles remain. You can give your skin the care it deserves with Organic clothing.

Did I mention that organic clothing is better for the planet as it is more likely to biodegrade? As long as no chemicals have been added later in production, organic clothes can biodegrade.

It’s great for the planet, the farmers and local communities. Making it well worth buying. Check here for organic clothes.

Okay, so we’re all up to speed on all things natural clothing. Now I’ll introduce you to 13 organic clothing brands that make clothes so soft, you may find yourself napping at your desk more often. (You have been warned!)

13 Super Comfortable Organic Clothing Brands

1. Gung Ho

women wearing sweatshirt made from 85% organic cotton and recycled fabricsGung Ho – Signature Bee Sweatshirt – 85% Organic Cotton

London based Gung Ho is the creation of Sophie Dunster. A fabulous fashion designer with a true environmental spirit. Not all of her garments are organic. Instead, she uses innovative materials like Tencel (Tencel is made from wood!). If you’re looking for a stunning statement piece, Gung Ho’s the one for you. You will not be disappointed.

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women wearing organic clothing dress made from organic cottonWYNAD – Racer back mid dress – Organic Cotton

First up is WYNAD. WYNAD are material innovators. Using mostly Organic Cotton in their lines – they’ve also experimented with using silk made from lotus flowers!

WYNAD are GOTS certified, so that means their suppliers have made sure their cotton is organic. They provide organic clothing for men and women.

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man wearing streetwear t-shirt made from organic cottonWAWWA – Lost Highway Gold – 100% Organic T-shirt

WAWWA is where streetwear meets ethical fashion. They focus on providing organic vegan clothing to the masses. Who said organic clothing had to be dull? Not WAWWA. Their designs are anything but dull. Soft, comfortable and street.

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4. Goose Studios

organic clothing in a streetwear vibeGoose Studios – Organic Cotton Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt

Goose Studios produce unisex organic clothing in the UK. They make sustainable fashion that doesn’t cost break your bank or the planet. Making laid back and easy going styles – throw on and smile wearing. GOTs certified Organic clothing right out of London.

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5. People Tree

Dress made from organic cotton by fair trade brand People TreePeople Tree – V&A Esther Print Midi Dress

Is a list of ethical brands really a list without People Tree? I don’t think so. People Tree have been making ethical clothing for 26 years! That’s what you call commitment. They specialise in fair trade and sustainable clothing – including organic clothing. Making relaxed pieces with an edge you can wear daily.

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6. KTO

Organic cotton bodycon fairtrade dressKTO – Kata Navy Organic Cotton Dress

KTO is one of my faves. Another brand from the UK that make organic clothing. Bringing good vibes to the high street. KTO’s fabric of choice is organic cotton or modal (made by regenerating natural fibres like cellulose). And I don’t blame them. Why wear itchy clothes when you can wear clothes once reserved for royalty. Now it’s accessible to us all. Winning!

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6. Lyme Terrace

Grey organic cotton textured jumperLyme Terrace – Textured Sweatshirt

Lyme Terrace is my favourite organic clothing brands for men. Smooth to the touch, their jumpers and t-shirts are to live for! I’ve even stood at one of their clothes racks for almost 5 minutes stroking them they’re that soft – true story!

If you’ve ever had the fortune of stroking bamboo clothes, you’ll also know what I mean.

Another thing I love about Lyme Terrace is the elegant, sleek look they produce. You know a Lyme Terrace piece when you see it. Sophisticated, minimal design at it’s finest. (Heads up – not all of their clothing is organic, they also use recycled materials too – and they’re also super soft).

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8. Organic Basics

women wearing underwear made from natural organic cottonOrganic Basics – SilverTech Active Bra

This Danish brand saw the waste being produced from poor quality underwear. And they said enough is enough. Creating their own line focused on the essentials of any wardrobe – underwear, and basics. It may be basics but boy is they some damned soft basics. Using organic cotton clothing as the base, they have also experimented with using silver to keep bacteria at bay.

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9. Zola Amour

white shirt made from organic bamboo fabricZola Amour – Organic Bamboo Shirt

Handmade in the UK, Zola Amour is where style truly meets organic fabrics. With elegant timeless designs, they use multiple natural fibers like bamboo, cotton, and modal. Even the threads are organic. All pieces are made to last. But once your item has been worn and loved, it can be composted and return back to the earth!

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10. Komodo

organic cotton jumper made by KomodoKomodo – Hana Jumper

Komodo is another big name in ethical fashion. They’ve been in the game for over 30 years creating organic and eco clothing. Over this time they have been perfecting their range of comfort and style using natural fibers. They have a great selection of affordable organic clothing with contemporary and timeless styles. Komodo is also GOTS certified. So you know they walk the walk.

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11. BirdSong

Organic denim kimono dress sister to bamboo versionBirdsong – Green Organic Denim Kimono Dress

BirdSong makes fabulous natural clothing. Using fabrics from organic cotton to Bamboo and reclaimed fabrics (not all of their fabrics are organic). Their primary focus is on empowering the wearer, the worker, and the community. And have channeled tens of thousands into women organisations.

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12. Nudie Jeans

dark ccomfortable jeans made from organic cotton with repairsNudie Jeans – Lean Dean Dry Deep Dark Comfort

Nudie Jeans are a Swiss brand redefining what it means to be in the jeans industry. They create men’s and women’s organic jeans in loads of different styles and designs. You’ll be sure to find one that matches you.

They also repair your pair of jeans for free! I’ve used this amazing free service twice over the years. Even traded in my last pair for a pair with a nice little discount.

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13. Mud Jeans

womens organic demin jeans made with recycled post-consumer watseMud Jeans – Skinny Hazen

Another great ethical clothing brand out of the Netherlands. They focus on the circular economy. Making jeans out of old recycled jeans and organic cotton. They even recycle 95% of the water they use! That’s massive when you consider it takes 8,000 liters of water just to make 1 pair!

Following cradle-to-cradle principles, their jeans are made to last and to be recycled, that’s what we call slow fashion! Like Nudie’s they also do free repairs and discounts on handing old pairs in.

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Organic Clothing Is Here To Stay

Organic clothing is here to stay. And the brands you have seen above are proof that the industry is going from strength to strength.

The positive impacts of organic clothing are coming out. Food has had its time. Now it’s the fashion industries time for an organic revolution!

For more organic clothing, check out these ethical fashion brands here.

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