Reach New Heights With Peak+Flow

Reach New Heights With Peak+Flow

One kitchen table, two men and a passion for change – this was the start of the new performance focused active wear brand – Peak+Flow. Through a combination of performance and sustainability design – this new, world class team, have created pieces ready to shine a new lens on the activewear industry.

Performance Led

Founders Gaz and Joe spent their respective careers advising businesses, so they know what it takes to understand what customers value. That is why performance forms a cornerstone of their design process, with strong thought on functionality. They deeply understand that you must lead with the product and the quality that comes with it.

That is why they have brought together world class designers and garment technologists. Who have worked for the likes of Nike, Sweaty Betty and Victoria Beckham, to name a few. Gaz and Joe knew that if their brand was to create change, they needed to combine the quality performance of leading brands with the purpose and passion that they stand for.  

To kick off their vision, they have begun with a collection featuring around two product groups; Peak pieces, and Flow pieces. Peak pieces are designed for your gym HiiT class or your Saturday morning run. While the Flow pieces are designed with movement in mind – think Cornwall surf or a Hackney yoga class.




















To back it all up, they have done their homework. Each product in their inaugural line has been tested with professionals who live in activewear all day. All tests now have the green light from professionals and the team are ready to bring you the perfected collection.

Performance doesn’t stop with functionality – they go further by creating a truly body inclusive line with UK sizes 4 – 30. This means every gender, body type, weight and age can get involved. Making sustainable activewear truly accessible to a mainstream audience. Anyone who cares for their health and the health of the planet can bring something to the Peak and Flow party. What more can you want?


Peak+Flow channelled their passion for change not only into performance and inclusivity but also into sustainability best practice. The company vision in the future centres on circular design, zero-waste, and zero damage. This guides all business thinking. To achieve this vision, the team bring a unique combination of materials, ethical production and transparency to the active wear sector.

Gaz and Joe set out on a clear mission of what sustainability standards they wanted and then went to the global market. This led to the founders sourcing all manufacturing themselves to ensure transparency and commitment to the planet. After looking in the UK and Europe, they went further a field and chose Sri Lanka due to the high commitment to ethical manufacturing, the Garments without Guilt initiative and strong workers’ rights backed by legislation.

After various meetings in Sri Lanka, they found two types of manufacturers who both seemed the same on paper. However, in reality, there was one camp who cared for the staff they manage and the other who was only doing it because a large international brand asked them too.

This became a no brainer for the Peak+Flow team – they immediately knew who to choose after these findings on the ground. This lead to a chosen manufacturer that includes a creche for the children, pay into a central fund that helps in emergencies, and they pay above average for workers time.

This passion for transparency is backed further via the Peak+Flow commitment to the 1% for the Planet initiative developed by the godfather of ethical fashion – Yvon Chouinard – the founder of Patagonia. The Peak+Flow team are now actively looking for charities to commit a further 1% of revenue too.























Fabric best practice is at the core of the Peak+Flow brand. The team spent over eighteen months researching fabrics, designing and testing which is what led to the level of quality in the first core range.

Even where blended fabric is used it will never end up being single use. To top it off, when customers are finished with a piece of clothing, they can return it to them until they can recycle it. They are dedicated to finding the best recycled and organic materials to make that happen. They want people to see them as the sustainable alternative to the big activewear brands.

Get Involved

Today is just the beginning (quite literally) for Peak+Flow. They are allowing 20% off the first pre-orders of their new collection via a powerful Kickstarter campaign. Head over to their site to secure yours while there are here.  Also check them out on social @peakandflow!

Disclaimer Sponsored content: We are a partner of Peak+Flow which means this blog was sponsored by the brand. We only work with brands we trust and love. We are excited to be working with such an innovative, ethical fashion brand that shares our values!

Written by Abbie