Mens and Womens ethical underwear by Organic Basics

This Ethical Underwear and T-shirts Brand Has Your Back

This Ethical Underwear and T-shirts Brand Has Your Back


It’s Monday morning and I have snoozed my alarm about 5 times too many. I am rushing to get to the work and I’m dashing around the room like a mad man. Pull open my draw and bam! Hole after hole after hole. It’s time for ethical underwear and T-shirts. 

Who else has faced this dilemma at some point? Some of you I’m sure. You pick it up glaring at the void that has appeared in your clothes. Contemplating whether you think it has one last wear in it. This is a decision we shouldn’t have to make.

If you’re tired of having to regularly buy and then throw away overpriced big branded basics, I have the perfect long-lasting ethical underwear and t-shirts for you.

Organic Basics – Ethical Underwear and T-Shirts

Women’s underwear from Organic Basics
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As the name would suggest, Organic Basics uses the softest organic cotton to make long-lasting sustainable basics. For both men and women. 

Organic Basics was created in 2015 by four Danish guys who wanted to change this. Their goal is to minimize the impact their fabrics have on the environment, the factory, and on the human body.

They believe that only the best craftsmen can create the world’s best underwear.

So they harvest their cotton locally in Turkey by GOTS certified (The Global Organic Textile Standard) farmers. And produce clothes in a GOTS factory in Istanbul.

These guys are true changemakers.


Save Water With SilverTech

Mens SilverTech garments
Use code: compareethicsxOB15 at the checkout for 15% off


They even have some underwear and T-shirts made with silver. You heard that right, actual silver! They created a new material called SilverTech for men and women.

SilverTech is made from recycled materials or organic cotton clothing coated in silver. Silver has antibacterial properties which kills 99.9% bacteria and keeps body odour at bay. This means that technically, you can wear your SilverTech T-shirts for a week without needing to wash them – personal hygiene at your discretion… Saving the planet (and your bank balance) on water, CO2 and energy use!  

Even more, nothing can escape their relentless vision for sustainability. Not even their packaging. They understand that plastic packaging is polluting our world. And they will be damned if they were contributing to more of it ending up in our oceans. That’s why they use 100% recycled AND biodegradable packaging!

Touche Organic Basics.

So, if you’re looking for sustainable basics that will last, definitely check Organic Basics out. As a result of their amazing work, we are pleased to be working with Organic Basics to bring about positive change. They will be on comparison tool in August. If you would like to be the first to check them out and other amazing ethical fashion brands, sign up via our homepage to secure your spot for the comparison tool today.

For all purchases from Organic Basics, use code: compareethicsxOB15  at the check out for 15% off!


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Disclaimer: We are an affiliate partner of Organic Basics which means we earn a small commission from a purchase. We only work with brands we trust and love. We are excited to be working with such an innovative, ethical fashion brand that shares our values!


Written by james omisakin