eco friendly date night

How To Plan The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Date Night

How To Plan The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Date Night

Eco-anxiety can be a real buzzkill. But follow these eco-friendly date night tips and you’re guaranteed a greener romantic evening.

Where To Eat On Your Eco-Friendly Date Night

Farming currently accounts for 80% of tropical deforestation. Or put differently, every single minute the Amazon forest loses the equivalent of a football pitch. This means that what we eat makes a big difference. 

As we try to make a change, special occasions such as Valentine’s Day should be no exception. 

Vegan, vegetarian and organic restaurants are the perfect way to make eco-friendly date night. With 600,000 vegans in the UK, options are popping up everywhere.

Farmacy is a vegan restaurant for eco-friendly date night
Farmacy in Notting Hill, London

Eco Restaurants in London

The Duke Of Cambridge

The Duke of Cambridge is an organic pub in Islington, London that serves delicious Modern British cuisine with Mediterranean influences. The food is made with the fresh seasonal and ethically grown ingredients sourced from local organic farmers and growers. Alongside the food, they serve a range of artisan ales and lagers, organic and natural wines, and spirits. All sourced according to strict sustainability criteria.

The Three Stags

Just off Waterloo Station, you will find ethical business, The Three Stags. Wherever possible, this public house and restaurant offers sustainable food options. Fish is line-caught from day boats. All the meat is sourced from free-range farms. Even their white rum uses local molasses that donate a percentage of profits to turtle conservation. To top it all off, The Three Stags keeps its very own beehives on the roof to produce some seriously high-quality honey.


Located in New York and Notting Hill, London, Farmacy uses ingredients that are organically and biodynamically prepared. This is the cornerstone of its conscious philosophy based on the concept of food as medicine with truly healing properties. Everything on the menu is plant-based and free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

All ingredients are either grown on Farmacy’s own farm or sourced from local, sustainable and environmentally conscious suppliers. The restaurant is a true supporter of local farming and champions biodynamic sustainability. Date night does not get more eco-friendly than this!





Wulf & Lamb



Temple of Seitan

Eco-friendly date night outfits

However much Valentine’s Day conjures up images of hyper-consumerism, a “new” outfit is hard to escape. But we can remove the equation mark between new and unsustainable. Below, we have selected a few eco-friendly date night brands so you can enter the night in a conscious outfit. 


The Anna Mini Dress Copper is a classically elegant and timeless dress we can use on several occasions. Indeed, it is as perfect for Valentine’s Day as it is for your best friend’s wedding. 

To beat the cold, you can throw on the Grace Waves Coat and look effortlessly cool for the ultimate eco-friendly date night.


The Amelie Ruffle Neck Blouse from id is perfect for a winter date. For those of us who are little sensitive to the cold, this loose fit, burnt orange chiffon blouse provides a wardrobe winner that can be used again and again. 

If turning heads is part of the plan, this double-breasted blazer dress belongs in your wardrobe. Ideal for Valentine fine dining, its black colour and classic cut means it will easily pass the #30wearchallenge. 

Or rent your date night outfit

Not all of us have the budget to buy an outfit for the night, even if it lasts for years. Luckily, lots of options to rent have entered the market. 

The HURR Collective is one such service. This on-demand platform uses real-time ID verification, geo-tagging and AI-powered fashion stylists to empower its vast catalogue of stunning clothes. Cocoon caters to bag lovers and Front Row to those who have a weakness for shoes (don’t we all?). 

Activities for an eco-friendly date night near London

Greenwich Observatory

What’s more romantic than observing the stars together? The Greenwich Observatory offers a treasure trove of fascinating information. Astronomical telescopes allow us to observe stars while the Queen’s House boasts impressive geometrical beauty. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can plunge into Greenwich’s fascinating history and of course, enjoy the spectacular views from the hilltop. 

A stroll through Richmond park

Spending your Valentine’s date night outdoors is a refreshing take on a night traditionally associated with hyper-consumerism. Richmond Park is a bustling park home where wildlife, joggers, cyclists and walkers create a lively environment. The stunning nature makes for the perfect evening stroll with lots of things to observe. If you are in for a sustainable date night dinner as well, eco-friendly eatery Oliveira Organic Vegetarian Kitchen is just nearby. 

Windsor Walk

For photography enthusiasts, Windsor is quite the visual treat. The breathtaking castle and its green surroundings make for the perfect afternoon or early evening walk. Should you be fortunate enough to have the day off, The Savill Garden’s beautifully designed gardens and woodland offer an ideal part of the itinerary. Alternatively, the deer park is a breathtaking experience. For those interested in a sustainably vegan dinner, the nearby Wagamama has a dedicated menu. 

Windsor castle and park and its stunning surroundings
Windsor Castle

Date nights are to be cherished but not if they cost the environment. To implement eco-friendly date nights, there are several aspects where we can explore alternative options. The food we eat and the activities we engage in can help us be more green. These tips add a little more sparkle to an already magical evening. Green date night has never been easier.


Written by Kimie Frengler