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Couchman Bespoke’s Tailoring Revolution

Couchman Bespoke’s Tailoring Revolution

When we buy new we are buying better. But what if you could give your current wardrobe a new lease of life, love, and joy? Couchman Bespoke has this covered – the tailoring revolution has arrived. Couchman is making your clothes custom to stand the test of time. Through tailoring your current wardrobe you can add years to a garments lifestyle. Saving pennies and the planet too!

So what’s the deal?

Let’s go back to the wardrobe…years have gone by and your current wardrobe may now resemble a pick n mix. Lots of variety, but not all of it’s right for you. It might include old high street buys, vintage/ pre-loved vibes, and a friends jacket that you borrowed that one time.

Maybe, dare I say, a skirt that is actually your sisters, but love so much you are convinced it’s yours. Sound familiar?

Well, we are not alone, a study in 2018 found that many of us are not wearing at least 50% of our wardrobes! Not only is this a massive waste for the planet, but it is also ignoring all the potential possibilities at your disposal!

This is where Couchman Bespoke steps in. As a dedicated tailor, Couchman believes clothing shouldn’t cost the earth. This tailor is dedicated to reducing the environmental and human impact from the clothing industry.  

By creating zero waste through pattern cutting, natural dyeing and sourcing the most sustainable cloth and haberdashery – they aim to have a very little negative impact on the planet and local people. Resulting in luxury quality British tailoring that is stylish and ethical.

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The Tailoring Revolution

To achieve a true tailoring revolution, Couchman focuses on three guiding principles:

1. Garment Longevity

The alteration of clothes that already exist in your wardrobe is the first most sustainable action to take. Couchman believes this can add up to 2 years to many garments after purchase.  This is based on the fact that we know a new garment will only last a year in the wardrobe after purchase due to only being worn 1 to 5 times.  

Through focusing on longevity, Couchman hopes to reduce the number of clothes going to landfill by upcycling and customising damaged and unsold garments. Creating positive vibes for the planet.  

coachman bespoke tailoring

2. I Made Your Clothes

Transparency is Couchman’s second pillar. Through working directly with a tailor, you know exactly who is making your clothes and the environment it is coming from. Couchman is proud to be a strongly committed member of the Fashion Revolution movement. Seeking to showcase exactly who makes your clothes.

Couchman goes even further. Giving back to local social enterprise cafes and teaches a new generation of tailoring skills, design, and business to support people getting into the fashion industry.

coachmen bespoke tailoring

3. Personal Style

When you tailor old pieces, you can rearrange your whole wardrobe and create a personal style that is unique to you. Move over fast fashion with no sense of identity. It’s time for something to fit just right – in my style.

coachman bespoke tailoring

The Next Steps

If we were to choose a few pieces to tailor and get some strong personal style in place, can you imagine:

  • The number of garments diverted from landfill,
  • How much transparency we can achieve,
  • How much we will love our personal style even more!

Couchman’s Tailoring Revolution is taking an old craft and making it relevant for the 21st century. Through a deep understanding of the planet, we can move away from waste and into a new tailoring era. Plus, it saves you pennies from buying new and curates your own personal style. If that’s not a fashion revolution moment for 2019, I’m not sure what is!

For more information on the best Fashion Revolution tailoring – you can reach Claire Couchman here.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post and we receive a small commission for sales made from some of the brands listed here. We are proud to work with ethical brands that are committed to a new way and a better world.
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Written by Abbie