Back to Basics – How to Lock Down Organic September

Back to Basics – How to Lock Down Organic September

With Organic September now closing for 2018 – we wanted to celebrate with shouting about organic cotton best practice. What better place to start than looking at Organic Basics. Founded in 2015, the Copenhagen based brand oozes sustainable best practice and they know what it takes to get basics right. So much so, they have placed sustainability at the core of everything they do: from fabric innovation to longer lasting undies, they are the proof in the pudding of how strong standards translate into strong basics. A truly sustainable fashion brand.

At the same time, the Organic Basics team remain humble. They have always understood that the fashion industry is a dirty bastard that needs to get clean. They were also tired of the same old story of buying big brands and washing them, then throwing them away. That’s why they created Organic Basics – to do it better and make your underwear go further!

So, what exactly is organic best practice and what does it look like? For Compare Ethics, the organic clothing fashion best practice starts with GOTS certification. This is a name to get to know. GOTS is a global processing standard of organic fibres that considers ecological and social criteria. This process is then checked against an independent supply chain certification. In other words, to be GOTS certified means you have done your organic homework, applied it and its been graded positively.

Organic Basics started with GOTS certification from the get go. Their first ever socks where GOTS certified. This was just the start and led down a whirlwind expansion which now includes everything from much needed soft tees, socks and a women’s collection. Fast forward to today, Organic Basics is innovating further to drive more quality from their products. Their innovative approach to fabrics led to using real silver in their products. Yes, I know what you must be thinking….um, what, why?


Well it turns out silver has some cool antimicrobial properties which means that it keeps your clothes clean for longer! After a decade of testing, it led to this SilverTech 2.0 and it now means we can wash our clothes less and reduce our environmental impact in the process! Naturally, Organic Basics teamed up with the best smart fiber company in the business. This partner, based in Switzerland, even found a way to use natural silver to prevent bacterial growth, whilst maintaining the extremely soft and comfortable qualities of the organic fabrics.


This bold approach to sustainability didn’t end with organic fibres and fabrics. Organic Basics care for the people in their process too. The Organic Basics team only work with certified factories in Europe and Turkey. This includes factory visits every three months to have lunch and chat with the people who make their products. All of this is backed up with a third-party audit for the Turkish factory too. What a great example of knowing ‘Who Made My Clothes’.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Once we have the product at home, we can expect guidance from Organic Basics to maintain the value of the basics overtime. This is good because they found that two thirds of all environmental impact are created when we use products! This means we have the power to create the most change – I don’t know about you but that makes me feel quite empowered! To support us on this journey, Organic Basics advise us to only wash when needed. Try giving the tumble dryer a miss, wash it colder and sponge that baby first – now that doesn’t sound too difficult!

This Organic September has taught me a lot – particularly on how to choose my veggies. Alongside this, it has reminded me how strong and quality processes has paved a way for sustainable best practice. If we are to truly back the environment, we need to go back to the basics and think about the fibers and materials we purchase. It’s fabulous to see brands like Organic Basics get this right in an environment where so many still get it so wrong. Big love to OB!


Disclaimer: We are an affiliate partner of Organic Basics which means we earn a small commission from a purchase. We only work with brands we trust and love. We are excited to be working with such an innovative, ethical fashion brand that shares our values!

Written by Abbie