About us

What We Do

Compare Ethics connects ethical shoppers to ethical brands by using the latest online and offline experiences. From social media  to pop-up shops, we are the link between the ethical shoppers and the ethical brands.

We are currently developing a comparison tool that is set to launch later this year. The comparison tool will remove the barriers of finding the truly committed ethical brands. Sign up to become a founding member.

Our Story

As a couple living in London we always have options when it comes to choosing sassy brands. But when we went looking for the perfect trousers, because James kept getting holes in his jeans, we found many brands had little information about the social, animal or environmental impacts of their production process.

This lead to a trawl all over the internet and we found ethical brands who care. This was great, but these brands were not easy to find and there was no one place to compare and choose what was best for us at the right price.

Frustrated with this fragmented and long way of finding ethical brands, we decided to create a one stop shop: where shoppers who care about fair wages, treatment of animals and the environment can compare and choose brands they trust and love. At the same time, ethical brands out there can come to one place to engage with the shoppers they are looking for.

Our Values

Compare Ethics is dedicated to making it easier to find the most ethical brands. We celebrate brands who are making a positive change in the world and who are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Social Good

To be a socially good brand means that they care about a living wage, safe working environment, no child labour and the right for workers to join a workers union.

Animal Cruelty-Free

To be animal cruelty-free means that brands do not harm animals in the process of making their clothes. How brands use fur, leather, wool and other animal based fashion all matters.

Planet Friendly

To be planet friendly means that brands care about their impact on the environment. This can include but is not limited to: caring about carbon emissions, their ecological footprint…

Our Senior Team

Abbie Morris, Co-founder and CEO

Abbie Morris is Co-founder and CEO at Compare Ethics. Abbie’s background is in sustainability and political consulting. She first secured a Conflict, Security and Development MA from Kings College London whilst working for an ethical policy and communications consultancy; AEQ Global. Here, she led sustainability and political projects in emerging markets, including a Presidential campaign in West Africa and secured relationships with the United Nations, World Economic Forum and other international organisations. Abbie is an advocate for ethical and sustainability issues and committed to an equitable transition into the fourth industrial revolution.

James Omisakin, Co-Founder and CTO

James Omisakin is a Co-founder and CTO at Compare Ethics. James graduated from Warwick University. He then went on to work for a Sunday Times 100 Best Company (2017); MVF. Here, James led teams and was responsible for digital marketing strategies and cross-functional projects, including GDPR, UX and data analytics. James is an Agile Project Management Practitioner and an advocate of using technological innovation to help solve world problems.