Vegan Clothing Brands: who to know and what to look for

Vegan Clothing Brands: who to know and what to look for

So you’re vegan and you want to know which clothing brands are best to invest in? Vegan fashion has come a long, long way in recent years. There really is nothing that can’t be done.

The next generation of vegan clothing brands is design-focused and independent with ethical values at their core. These brands are making stylish cruelty-free fashion, not just accessible, but coveted. But there are still a few issues to overcome.

What’s the difference between vegan clothing brands and ethical clothing brands?

When shopping for a vegan wardrobe it’s important to be able to spot greenwashing. Many mainstream brands often suggest their offering is vegan – made without animal products – but that doesn’t mean it’s ethical, sustainable or aligned with the values of a vegan lifestyle.

Similarly, while certified vegan clothes have been carefully considered to align with vegan principles – no animal products used in the materials or production and no animals harmed –ethical fashion, more broadly, may not specifically be suitable for vegans.

As well as caring about environmental issues and being cruelty-free, vegan clothing brands pay attention to social rights of the workers who made your clothes. Vegan clothes are committed to reducing the negative impacts on the world, whilst still wanting to bring style fit for the fashion world.

Vegan clothing brands

The best vegan clothing brands

There are so many vegan clothing brands and marketplaces paving the way…


When WAWWA started, they wanted to make a change in the way people approach what they wear. They wanted to make sustainable, well designed clothes, that looked good and did good. The result was ethical vegan clothing. WAWWA products last longer. So you don’t need it to be replaced as often. This minimises its effect on the planet. Because we’ve only got one.


WYNAD are on a mission to create gender equality through sustainable fashion.

Hannah Vincent and Rob Marsh, the owners of WYNAD Clothing, traveled to India and volunteered with the TGG Foundation in Wayanad, Kerala. TGG provide secure working opportunities to women in the local area through a stitching workshop known as “the women empowerment centre”.

Inspired by their experience, they created fairtrade and vegan friendly collections – ready for all seasons. 10% of every sale directly supports female empowerment projects in rural India.

For example, they found a innovative way of using lotus flowers to create an alternative to silk. Used to create their fabulous kimonos.


KLOW’s mission is to create awareness and promote a new way of consumption in Europe.
All of the products you can find on their fabulous marketplaces combines the three main values of environmental stewardship, ethical behaviour and transparent business.

This includes vegan styles too. Their latest vegan brands include European brands: Dedicated and Armedangels. Both of these brands are Peta Approved so you can be sure you’re buying Vegan. But bear in mind that not all products on Klow are vegan, so look out for the vegan symbol on the care label or product description.


Gung Ho is a London- based, ethical brand that’s on a mission to create fashion the means more.

Born out of an ambition to push boundaries in sustainable fashion, their collections are not just handmade locally using sustainable fabrics, but they also weave more meaning into the prints by illustrating particular environmental issues.

Each collection is centred on a cause, or ‘Talking Point’, with one focuses on the importance of insects and the impact of pesticides. That’s why every garment comes with its own minizine to give you a few key facts and info on the issue at hand.

Know the Origin

Know The Origin was founded by Charlotte in 2015 with the aim to transform the fashion industry. Charlotte was inspired to start KTO after finding that the lack of transparency within fashion supply chains had led to abuses of human rights and environmental degradation worldwide. Through developing strong relationships with incredible organic clothing and fairtrade producers across India, Know The Origin shows people that fashion can, and should, be done differently. Without having to sacrifice animal rights.

The next generation of vegan clothing brands

These vegan clothing brands a part of the next generation of fashion. The generation who demand more from style and demand a better treatment of our shared planet, animal and people. Join the vegan fashion revolution.


Written by Emily Lavinia