New Year Celebrations: Ethical Brands To See You Into 2019

New Year Celebrations: Ethical Brands To See You Into 2019

Yes – it’s that time of year again. Fun. Food. Festivities.  And very importantly: the right ethical brand to match! Whether you are partying until the early hours of the 1st Jan or out on country walks, Compare Ethics have convened a team of ethical brands to see you into 2019 with style and ethics!

Ethical fashion has made a statement this year. From upcycled fashion to organic cotton – this year we have seen a strong rise in attention for ethical brands! What better way to see in 2019 than backing the brands who are making waves in the industry!


Good Krama

To kick it off – we have Good Krama. The Chivy body is made from an upcycled cotton elastane and off cuts from local factories. This means: instead of landing in the bin, this material has been turned into a glittering bodysuit that is perfect to dance away into next year! Tip: order this side of Christmas for plenty of delivery time and to try on with your fav trousers and heels!

Good Krama – Chivy Body – £52



Next up is WYNAD’s signature kimono! This fabulous piece is perfect – especially with a crop top and jeans for house party vibes! Extra bonus: it is made in fairtrade conditions and is made out of lotus flower (yes, you read that correct – a real lotus fabric!) Plus, 10% of every sale supports women empowerment projects! If that is not walking into 2019 with ethical sass, I’m not sure what is!

WYNAD’s Lotus Flower Kimono – £80 


Lyme Terrace

Now for the mandem vibes! Lyme Terrace have dropped a limited edition organic cotton and bamboo bud tee – (for only £25). This limited stock tee is best described as “fucking comfortable” – meaning you can easily get hyped for 2019!

Lyme Terrace – Limited Edition tee – £25


Just AK

Hold up! Men’s conscious streetwear doesn’t stop there – Just AK are entering in with solid jumpers to rave into 2019!

The population of mankind has been growing and due to various actions we have damaged the environment of the animals living around us. The Black African Rhino was announced as extinct in 2015. This jumper gives your 2019 rave the message that is needed – taking a stand with a strong message (and is 100% organic cotton)!

Just AK – Extinction Jumper – £32



Up early for a New Year country walk? We have you covered! Kathaa’s coat is perfect for winter walks! It is made by women freed from domestic slavery of Nepal. Through the Nepal Youth Foundation’s committed work, the women are now skilled seamstresses and 100% profits go back to continue their amazing work! This means your winter walks will keep on giving this year!


Kathaa’s Signature Jacket 

One thing is for sure: gone are the days of not enough ethical choice! Every brand listed here brings something to the 2019 party. Whichever brand you choose – you will be walking in with style and ethics! Back the change you want to be in 2019 – kick it off with ethical brands!

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Written by Abbie